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Hire a skip from Shefford Skip Hire for your soil and mud

A Bedfordshire client recently hired one of our skips as they just could not believe how much earth they had to get rid of when they dug out a pond in their back garden. Our client had intended to build up their flower beds and other low spots of their garden with the excavated earth. They never thought they would need to get rid of any earth at all.

The problem soon became obvious to them! The amount of good top soil was nowhere near enough to build up their borders to the level they had initially intended as once they had dug down a little way, the earth rapidly changed to mostly stones and old rubbish that the previous tenants had buried for some strange reason. A little further digging revealed nothing but thick, heavy clay, which is great for a pond location, but no good at all for flower beds.

Loads of soil!

It soon became clear that it would take an eternity to ferry that amount of useless earth to the local tip and that is just the first problem you face if you want to dump soil at a recycling centre.

Some areas have already introduced charges to dump soil and similar waste at county recycling centres. From June 1st, people taking things like glass, plasterboard and turf will be charged £3.50 a bag if they have not applied for a permit.

Even with a licence, people will be limited to only 10 bags, measuring 60cm by 90cm, each year of inert waste, which is described as bathroom furniture and ceramic tiles, flag stones, hardcore, roof tiles, rubble, sand, soil, and concrete.

The biggest problem with making such a charge could be a sudden increase in fly tipping incidents and many people who pay a high council tax already have argued the point of why they should pay extra to dump their waste correctly.

Get a skip instead

The simple solution to this problem is to hire a skip from Shefford Skip Hire. You will not need to have a special permit as we will sort out all the legal side of things on your behalf.

Better still, by hiring a skip from Shefford Skip Hire you will save a lot of back breaking work bagging up the earth and putting it in the car ready for the trip to the dump. Earth is also extremely heavy and you would be looking at many return trips to the tip to get rid of the amount you need to, this works out very costly on fuel and wear and tear on your car, not to mention the possibility of being charged extra for dumping it.

Some great reasons to hire a skip from Shefford Skip Hire

Hiring a skip saves you a lot more than just money.

We all look for a good deal these days and some people will spend day after day clearing up their household waste, making multiple trips to the Bedfordshire landfill site and they still feel that they have saved themselves the expense of hiring a skip. What they have not considered is the fuel of these multiple trips and the wear and tear on their car, not to mention the many hours spent doing it.

Hiring a skip from Shefford Skip Hire helps save time, money, and the effort that it would require for you to dispose all your rubbish yourself. In fact, skip hire might be the easiest and most cost effective way of rubbish removal there is. Since you won't be doing anything and leaving the work to waste professionals, it will mean very little effort on your part. Then there is also the fact that you will not have to transport the rubbish to the Bedfordshire landfill site. If the prospect of putting all that rubbish in your expensive family car worries you, a hire truck is often considered, but this is still expensive and all the work must still be done by you. In fact, all you will need to do is to fill up the skip. After that, your job would have been done and all you will need to do is wait for Shefford Skip Hire to come over and take it away, simple!

Hiring a skip is the safer option.

Packaging up all of your household waste into sacks and boxes can be potentially dangerous as well as long winded and boring. Hurting yourself is easy as any broken glass and leaking bottles included in the waste can present a definite danger to you. Hiring a skip can make the job much safer since all the handling and disposal will be the skip hire companies problem, not yours. Skip hire professionals know how to dispose the waste in a hygienic and safe manner.

Hiring a skip helps to protect the Bedfordshire environment.

One of the many rules that all skip hire companies including Shefford Skip Hire must follow is to manage the waste they pick up in a safe and responsible way. We have to know how to dispose of it and what to with the rubbish at the waste recycling centre. With proper disposal and waste treatment, the Bedfordshire environment not only stays cleaner but also remains safer.

Hiring a skip makes building sites in Bedfordshire a safer environment to work.

Should you be having an extension done on your property, having rubble, bricks, broken glass and a host of other waste materials laying around presents a clear danger to not only the workers, but for you and your family who have to live with it. It is not practicable or safe to wait for the job to be completed before disposing of the waste, a skip keeps everything tidy during the construction process.

Shefford Skip Hire skips come in a range of sizes.

Shefford Skip Hire have a good selection of skip sizes at our disposal, (no pun intended) and this makes hiring them even easier as the different sizes means that the skips are suitable for all kinds of jobs. Small projects may only require a mini skip, although a large project may require a huge 40 yard roll on roll off skip. If you are unsure as to the size of skip you need, just give Shefford Skip Hire a call and we will be happy to advise you.

If you would like to hire a skip from Shefford Skip Hire, why not drop us a line for a chat or fill in our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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